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✨Are you tired of dieting without lasting results? 

✨Are you a busy woman who would like more me-time but doesn't know how to manage this with her agenda, household and children? 

✨ Do you want to feel good about yourself once and for all?

With this program I help women between 25 and 50 years old to have a fit and strong body that they feel fantastic in, WITHOUT having to miss dinners with friends 

What can you expect?

Whether you prefer to train at home or go to the gym, I will provide a tailor-made schedule. 

The training schedules are effective and fit within your agenda. You don't have to set aside hours to exercise.

You train where you want, when you want. You plan the training moments yourself according to your own agenda.

Sport and movement



Power supply

You will receive a nutrition plan based on your calorie needs.



Every week you get access to an educational platform where you receive more information through videos about various themes that will help you achieve your goals.

You will also receive weekly assignments to put your knowledge into practice (one learns by doing, right?)


As a coach, I follow up with you weekly via a check-in form. There is a monthly evaluation moment in which we will take a very specific look at how you are doing.



What do I expect from you? 

💥 You are willing to invest time in your own well-being.

💥 You commit to the program for the full 12 weeks.

💥 You are motivated to work on your goals.

💥 JYou can set aside 5 hours per week to work on the program (including both sports and education).

💥 You are prepared to make adjustmentsand that you can help you achieve your goals.

Ines D.K.

From someone who thought she would never achieve this, you showed me that it is possible with the right mindset.
The assignments were very educational and the exercises intensive, but very intensive 😀.
A top program with a top coach!
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