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Fitboost Coaching

Mental and health coach
Set your mind to it and make it happen!


Find out who I am

Hi! I'm Ellen!

A trained social worker who decided a few years ago to transform herself into a personal trainer.

After 16 years of working in care, it was time for a new challenge. Because I will always remain a care provider, I do not want to forget the mental part in my coaching. Sports is more than just doing some exercises. It clears your head and is itself therapeutic. It has been proven that exercising three times a week is good for your physical and mental health.

I want to work with you and overcome obstacles. We all want to feel good and I will help you do that. 


What can you expect?

Of course we will exercise together. However, with me you get more than that.

Mindset is a very important factor in our daily lives. Too often we live with negative thoughts or emotions that overwhelm us and determine our behavior. Through sports I will challenge you to push your own boundaries. I will gently take you out of your comfort zone and make you feel that you can do more than you think. 

I will stand next to you and ensure that you perform the exercises correctly. You learn to gain control over your own body. This ultimately has the advantage that you become more connected to yourself. 


Wie kan bij mij terecht

  • You are motivated to work with me for at least 12 weeks

  • You have 5 hours per week to work on your goal

  • You are willing to partly adjust your daily habits 

  • You are willing to exercise extra

  • You are willing to learn new habits 

Do you say yes to the above points? Then I am the person you are looking for! 

What can you expect from a training course?

The first training is a screening in which I look for compensations that your body makes during certain movements. The screening consists of various exercises that reveal the mobility and stability of your muscles and joints. 

For example, if your shoulders slump forward (possibly due to daily computer use), or you have a hollow back (possibly due to a gymnastic past), you have compensation.

I will draw up your training schedule based on the screening. It is important to work around those compensations so that your posture and stability are optimal before I challenge you even more.

So you read it already: attitude is very important to me. Good posture and good technical execution of the exercises ensures less risk of injuries.

In the first 4 weeks we get to know each other better. Where necessary, I will support you in your diet and together I will look for ways to improve your stress and sleep. These are aspects of life that are equally important to achieve results. 

In the following weeks I will challenge you further and push your limits while always monitoring your attitude and technique. 


Mental coaching - Mindset is everything

In addition to the training, I will also challenge you in other areas. The way you approach an exercise says a lot about yourself. The way you come to training, the way you keep pushing yourself to do that one exercise well,... This has to do with your mindset. Your thoughts, your thinking pattern, the way you approach life and deal with positive and negative experiences.

As a mental coach I will help you to approach life in a different way. Setbacks are a part of life, the way you deal with them is your choice. Your thoughts largely determine what you feel and how you react.

What if I told you that you can change those thoughts? What if I can help you towards a positive mindset? 

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